Our Story

Where it all began

Sunflower Natural Foods

Waterbury Center, Vermont

Sunflower Natural Foods is a family-owned and operated retail store located in Waterbury Center, Vermont. John started Sunflower in 2003 and Pam joined the business in 2008. They were married in 2006. They each have 40+ years of experience in retail. John opened Sunflower Natural Foods to create something truly wonderful: an amazing supportive customer service experience and an offering of an abundant variety of natural and organic products. Whether you are searching for organic food and herbs or local maple syrup and wine, John and Pam will help you find what you are looking for.

John and Pam utilize what they know best - both educationally and through hands-on experience, to create an environment to support health and wellness. John and Pam and their staff at Sunflower Natural Foods know how important it is to take care of oneself in a holistic way and endeavor always to interact as best they can and communicate that to every customer.

john with customers at sunflower natural foods

Many years of experience & lots of knowledge to be shared

Pam and John have a lifelong interest in health and well-being, along with years and years of retail service experience. John has studied and practiced Martial Arts, and energy arts since 1970, and has taught Tai Chi and Qigong for decades. He has taught classes in various locations throughout Central Vermont and, specifically from 1997-2020 at Topnotch Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont. He is on sabbatical from teaching for the time being. He also studied massage therapy for five years and has knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Meditation, Sound healing and other energy and Wellness Arts.

store front with benches at sunflower natural foods

Pam and John are partners in life and in business. They and their staff have created a welcoming and artful space not only for them to enjoy, but for others to appreciate and experience as well. Pam, in addition to her years of retail service, has also studied massage therapy and energy and healing arts. She is now the customer service and merchandising manager at Sunflower Natural Foods. John worked in various Natural Foods businesses in Central Vermont for over a decade before opening Sunflower Natural Foods and during that time, envisioned opening his own Natural Foods business.

The goal, after John and Pam were married in 2006, was to grow the business to the point that they could work together at Sunflower Natural Foods and share their knowledge about products, health and wellbeing for the benefit of all their customers. They know how important it is that customers have a friendly, clean, safe, artful, wholesome and healthy space to comfortably shop and endeavor always to provide that experience to all.

To provide

Excellent, informative, and educated customer service.

To supply

A varied mix of quality organic & natural food, wellness supplements, herbs, personal care products, produce, drinks, beer, wine, and gifts.

To create

A respectful, kind, comfortable, considerate, inclusive, compassionate, healthful and artful space for customers and staff.

To interact

In the spirit of gratitude and thanks.

To act

Positively for connection, health, and wellness in our community in Vermont and the world.

store signage by the road sunflower natural foods

How we operate today & what you can expect when you visit

Sunflower Natural Foods has been in business and served the community since 2003, and in that time it's gone through many changes. In 2005, the business was expanded and also in 2007 and then again in 2017 to take up the entire building. You can find a varied and extensive line of products that will suit you over two floors in an artful and easy layout for a comfortable shopping experience.

John, Pam and their staff are always available to give you some helpful information if you would like, while you shop in the store.

Visit us and experience Sunflower Natural Foods for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you. Please contact us with any questions!